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eMarketer was out last week with a new study saying that Amazon continues to dominate the US e-commerce business to an unprecedented degree - this year, it says, Amazon “will capture 49.1% of the market … up from a 43.5% share last year. Amazon now controls nearly 5% of the total US retail market (online and offline).”

In second place is eBay, with 6.6 percent, followed by Apple (3.9 percent), Walmart (3.7 percent) and Home Depot (1.5 percent).

In the bottom of the top 10 list are Best Buy (1.3 percent), QVC (1.2 percent), Macy’s (1.2 percent), Costco (1.2 percent), and Wayfair (1.1 percent).
KC's View:

Does anyone think that next year Amazon’s percentage of the business will be lower? Because I don’t.