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Hi, I’m Kevin Coupe and this is FaceTime with the Content Guy.

I’m recording this as I make my way through an airport, which made me think of a recent travel experience my brother told me about that illustrates the best kind of customer service, the kind that makes a real difference in the customer’s life and creates what Feargal Quinn used to call the boomerang effect.

My brother and his high-school age son were traveling in Scotland and Ireland looking at possible colleges - which I think is totally cool all by itself. They were in St. Andrews, Scotland, looking at the University of St. Andrews, and then drove down to Edinburgh to look at the university there before catching a flight to Dublin, where they were going to visit Trinity College.

When they got to Edinburgh they checked into a local hotel and, while going through their stuff, my brother realized that he couldn’t find their passports. My nephew asked if he’d left them in the hotel safe back in St. Andrews, and so my brother called the hotel there.

A young woman answered the phone, my brother explained the problem, and she took his number and promised to call him back in a couple of minutes. Which she did, with the news that she’d found the passports in the safe.

Now, my brother didn’t have time to drive back to St. Andrews, and they had a plane to catch the next afternoon. So he asked if there were a courier service that could get the passports down to Edinburgh. She said she’d check and would call him back. Which she did, informing my brother that the passports would be delivered to his hotel there by 11 the next morning … and that there would be no charge, because she’d handle the task personally.

That’s pretty amazing. My brother knows this. If his son gets into St. Andrews, there’s only one hotel he’ll use when he goes to visit. Heck, I’m thinking about visiting - I’ve never been to Scotland, and Mrs. Content Guy loves it there - and there’s only one hotel where I’d consider staying.

I don’t know if this was standard service by the hotel, or just one employee going above and beyond. But I do know that this is the kind of service that keeps customers coming back for more, and this is the kind of employee that every business should want.

That’s what is on my mind this morning, and as always, I want to hear what is on your mind.

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