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There’s a terrific piece in the New York Times about “ like-minded contemporaries and women in their 70s and 80s, who are taking on matters of aging with an audacity — and riveting style — their mothers might have envied.

“Married or single, working or not, and most often grandmothers, they are asserting their presence on Instagram, intent, in the process, on subverting shopworn notions of what ‘old’ looks and feels like. They are, to hear some tell it, ‘100 percent slaying’.”

They are governed not by age, but by values. One woman puts it this way: “When I was young, we were burning our bras and promoting free love. We were getting high. Why would accept the aging image of our mothers?”

It is a good question … and one that challenges marketers who may have slotted such women into neat silos based on old assumptions. That’s not an option anymore, and you can read why here.
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