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• The Verge reports that DC Comics “will begin releasing an exclusive, monthly anthology comic series in Walmarts across the United States next month. The comics will be more than your typical single-issue comic: these will be 100-page books, featuring a mix of new and reprinted material, priced at $4.99 an issue … The series will include four titles: Superman Giant, Justice League of America Giant, Batman Giant, and Teen Titans Giant.”

The story notes that “DC’s partnership with Walmart unlocks a potentially huge audience for the publisher. More than 3000 Walmart stores across the US will carry the books — more than there are dedicated comic book stores in the US, and it harkens back to the days when most supermarkets carried comic books and science fiction magazines on their shelves. Walmart isn’t the only major retailer that’s getting in on the comic game: Bleeding Cool reported earlier this month that Game Stop would trial selling comics in some of its stores beginning on June 15th.”
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