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The Wall Street Journal has an excellent piece about how Amazon and its founder/CEO, Jeff Bezos, have made the establishment of a Washington presence a prime strategy:

“To aid its battles, Amazon now has an army of nearly 100 lobbyists at more than a dozen lobbying firms working on a list of issues including taxes, trade, government procurement, internet policy, drone regulation, grocery rules, music licensing and, more recently, food stamps.
Last year, the company spent $13 million on lobbying, five times as much as it spent five years earlier, putting it just behind some of last year’s biggest corporate lobbyists, including Google and AT&T Inc.”

Its battles are many. Amazon’s political foes range from President Donald Trump to Sen. Bernie Sanders, and it indisputably is one of “America’s most powerful companies,” which means that it almost has to become one of “Washington’s most powerful players.”

You can read the story here.
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