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CNBC reports that Sears is testing a new retail idea - putting a “pint-sized Kmart convenience shop … inside a larger Sears store.” The test is being conducted in Brooklyn, New York, and the “10,000-square-foot Kmart sells everyday items including groceries, health and beauty supplies, cleaning supplies and pet gear.”

The story notes that “Sears will also soon roll out appliance shops selling higher-end merchandise inside some Kmarts, a spokesman told CNBC. Kmart sells some appliances, but only at opening price points. The moves look to be an attempt by the company to merge Sears and Kmart, capitalizing on the strengths of each brand and bringing the best-selling merchandise to the other. This is also a way for Sears to do more with less real estate, as it shutters hundreds of stores across the U.S.”
KC's View:
Really? A Kmart inside a Sears is seen as an advantage? Or even an improvement?

This isn’t a turducken. This is more like a small turd being found inside a big turd. And trust me, there’s no pony to be found.