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• The Washington Post this morning reports that after three years during which food manufacturers have had the time to phase out the use of artificial trans fats from their products, the ingredient now is officially banned from use in restaurants and foods sold in US supermarkets.

The story notes that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ruled artificial trans fats “unsafe to eat in 2015. Nutrition researchers and public health advocates long ago found artificial trans fats, a modified form of vegetable oil, raised ‘bad;’ cholesterol and contributed to heart disease.”

The Post writes that “the transformation hasn’t been easy. Some products, such as popcorn and pie crust, proved more stubborn to reinvention. Companies have also complained to FDA that they should be allowed to continue using trans fats in limited circumstances — such as to enhance product flavors or grease industrial baking pans.

“FDA agreed in May to give companies one more year to find another ingredient for those purposes. The agency has also said that, while new products can no longer be made with trans fats, they'll give foods already on the shelves some time to cycle out of the market. But food makers and public health advocates agree that artificial trans fats are effectively no more.”
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