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Amazon yesterday announced the national rollout of what it is calling Hub by Amazon, described as an unmanned “delivery solution for apartments that brings convenience and consistency to the delivery experience” at apartment houses. It is, in essence, a bank of Amazon lockers that can be placed in private facilities.

According to the announcement, “Over 500,000 residents—from New York City to San Francisco, among others—already have access to the Hub by Amazon with thousands more gaining access each month as new Hubs are installed in apartment communities across the country.

“Designed for the safe storage of packages, the Hub works for deliveries from any sender, not just Amazon. Residents have their orders and shipments addressed to their apartment as they normally would, and when their package is delivered to the Hub - whether in a high-rise building or garden-style apartment - it is safely stored, waiting for pickup. Hub by Amazon also leverages Amazon’s world-class customer service to provide residents with 24/7 support.”

The story also notes that “apartment residents no longer need to wait for property staff to deliver a package or adjust their schedules for limited pickup windows at front desks. Property owners and managers also benefit from the Hub by Amazon as it takes on package tasks regularly handled by property staff, decluttering lobbies and allowing onsite staff time for other priorities.”
KC's View:
It is all part of creating an ecosystem … in which even if Amazon isn’t selling the product, it is part of the fulfillment/supply chain solution. It has trust, brand equity, and the economic wherewithal to make this happen.