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Responding to last week’s piece about how Amazon seems to be catching up with Chewy, one MNB reader wrote:

I love Amazon but will continue to remain faithful to Chewy.  I started using Chewy after reading this review:

I recently had to cancel my auto ship cat food order because of the loss of my beloved Maine Coon Ali Cat of 18 years. I was told when I called that my order was scheduled to ship that day and if they could not stop it to to donate it to a kennel and there would credit my account. The following week I received a beautiful boutique of fresh flowers from a local florist with a sympathy note attached. I was literally blown away by the sympathy and their act of kindness which was totally unexpected. THANK YOU chewy for lighting up a very sad time in our lives. This act will never be forgotten. Pat I., Orchard Park NY

As much as I like shopping on Amazon I do not feel I would ever get such a response in thin particular case.
For my pets - Chewy is my place!!

Regarding Kroger’s decision to close its 14 stores in the Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, market, citing an oversaturated marketplace, one MNB reader wrote:

A lot of the old Kroger stores in North Carolina were some of the most rundown Kroger stores that I have seen.  They were not competitive in the marketplace and do not really reflect well on the Kroger brand.  Harris Teeter has a much better reputation.

Last week we took note of an Esquire report that German discounter Aldi has won an award for heaving the best whiskey in the world.

Leading MNB reader Glenn Cantor to write:

Hey, New Jersey, please let my Aldi sell wine and spirits.  $17 and $23 for great Scotch will only make all great scotch more affordable.

Weighing in on our continuing coverage of where Amazon’s HQ2 might go, one MNB reader wrote:

Raleigh! Bet you a bottle of Blantons!

No bet … mostly because I’ve gotten dozen of emails wanting to bet me that various places are going to get HQ2. That kind of action, I just don’t need.

Finally, responding to my review of the new IHOP burger, one MNB reader wrote:

A few weeks ago I challenged you to try an Impossible Slider from White Castle after your 6/6/18 feature "Disrupting the Humble Hamburger". You were pretty quick to try IHOP, I'm still interested in your take on the Impossible Slider!

I was able to act faster on IHOP because there’s one about five miles from my house. White Castle is a much longer haul … it may have to wait until late summer, since I’m headed out to Portland, Oregon, in a couple of days and won’t be back for awhile. (No White Castles on the west coast, I’m afraid … though I will manage to get to an In-N-Out and a Burgerville at some point, I’m sure.)
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