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by Kevin Coupe

Fortune has a story about how Bill Murray - of “Saturday Night Live,” Ghostbusters, Caddyshack and Groundhog Day fame - is opening a food truck haven in Charleston, South Carolina.

“Slated to open this summer,” the story says, “the area (once code-named Food Truck-O-Rama, but now called The Container Bar) will have a massive indoor/outdoor bar (where champagne on ice could be sold) and parking spaces for food trucks, including electrical hookups for their equipment … Murray, who lives in Charleston, has a number of business ventures in the city. He and his partners in The Container Bar opened Rutledge Cab Co. five years ago, a popular restaurant in an abandoned gas station, which is near the new venture. Murray is also the co-owner of the Charleston RiverDogs, the city’s minor league baseball team.”

One reason for The Container Bar - Charleston does not allow food trucks to park on public streets.

Beyond the coolness of being able to go to a Bill Murray joint, I think this is instructive in how it shows us how new opportunities can be defined and explored. Food trucks are seen by a lot of folks as being exciting, and bringing them together could multiply the effect; that’s certainly the case in places like Portland, Oregon. Add a little bit of a Bill Murray vibe, and the whole thing sounds like a lot of fun … not to mention a compelling and differentiated experience.

Isn’t that something for which every retailer should be reaching? Finding ways to repackage existing models in a way that generates some juice?

I can’t wait to go to Charleston and see this. It sounds like an Eye-Opener.
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