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Business Insider reports on an internal Whole Foods meeting this week at which CEO John Mackey said that while the company’s sales have been growing since it was acquired by Amazon, the two entities “have had ‘many, many’ clashes where he has had to ‘speak truth to power’ and Amazon has ‘backed off’.”

Furthermore, the story says, Mackey told the group, "I ultimately am not afraid to get fired ... so that gives me a position of strength to speak truth to power when it's necessary to do so, and I've done it many, many times … I'm sure that Amazon has probably gotten more disagreement from me than any other single person and possibly more than everyone else combined. I have the least amount to lose — I have done this for 40 years, I am financially secure, I love Whole Foods.”

Mackey also said:

• ”I'm overall pleased with where we're at. Does that mean I love absolutely everything about Amazon? No, I don't. I don't love absolutely everything about my wife either, but on balance I love, like, 98%. That's a pretty good ratio, based on my previous relationships.”

• ”Prime affinity and Prime Now are the two biggest initiatives, but also reducing our prices — we are going to be doing more of that over time. Getting things to our customers at lower prices while hopefully not reducing our quality standards and our service has been a major goal in the first year.”

Mackey also “slammed media reports,” Business Insider writes, saying "they just make things up.”
KC's View:
Mackey may not like the press, but he’s not very clear about what the media has gotten wrong.

Frankly, none of this seems particularly surprising. Sales are up, there are some tensions between the two companies, and Mackey is willing to quit if pushed too far. Does any of this sound shocking?

I’d be interested to know how many Whole Foods customers a) know who John Mackey is, and b) would care if he got fired or left the company. Just curious…

I am a little jealous, though, that Mackey loves 98 percent of his spouse’s attributes. Because I’m pretty sure that Mrs. Content Guy would put it at 60-40 … and I’m not sure that my good parts outweigh my bad parts.