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The New York Times has a worth-reading profile of Sarah Masoni, director of the product development and process program at the Food Innovation Center of Oregon State University.

Her title, however, belies what she does for a living - she is “a professional food designer - skilled in building flavors and textures, versed in arcana like the aftertastes of alternative sweeteners and the umami of dried yeasts. She has a foot in the worlds of food safety, processing and packaging, and supermarket shelf stability. A student of food trends and innovations, she is also a sought-after judge, with a specialty in dairy products.”

One of her clients describes her as having a “million-dollar palate,” though the Times notes that it comes without a “million-dollar attitude”: “Masoni has a down-to-earth, slightly nerdy charm, like the shy kid in class who surprises you with her witty insights.”

You can read the story here.
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