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The New York Times writes this morning:

"America’s dairies have been gut-punched by declining milk prices — some dropping about 40 percent in recent years — and demand, as consumers embrace soy, nut and other milks, and the Greek yogurt craze cools. In some places, despair has set in: Three members of the Agri-Mark Dairy cooperative, which represents about 1,000 dairy farmers in the Northeast, have killed themselves in recent years, the latest in January.

“To save their livelihoods, many dairy farms have started breweries, bolstering bottom lines with a different kind of liquid capital.

“It’s another chapter in the dairy and brewing industries’ interlinked history. Brewers often supply farmers with spent grains for feed, and many American craft breweries have started by using secondhand dairy infrastructure.”
KC's View:
The Times story offers a number of examples of dairy farms that are taking this approach. For which I think the editors, because it provides a kind of map for what sounds like a fun road trip.