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In Virginia, the Daily Press reports on a new consumer survey from Oliver Wyman suggesting that “German discount grocer Lidl is stealing customers from existing grocers and is resonating with millennial shoppers.”

According to the story, the survey “found that 48 percent of 600 Lidl shoppers in six states — including 164 in Virginia — said they shopped at the store two to three times or more a month. Sixty-one percent of the surveyed shoppers under 45 years old shop at Lidl more than twice a month, compared with 34 percent of the age group 45 and up.”

The Free Press goes on: “When Oliver Wyman surveyed 300 Lidl shoppers last year, 58 percent said they bought more than $20 worth of items. This year, 84 percent of the 600 surveyed shoppers said they spend more than $20 … Sixty-seven percent of Lidl shoppers believe that prices at nearby grocery stores have decreased since Lidl’s arrival, according to the report.”
KC's View:
There are a number of economists predicting a recession in 2020 … and if they’re right, it means that companies like Lidl will be well positioned to to take advantage of the moment.