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Bloomberg reports that Walmart has sued Lisa Wadlin, a former senior vice president and top tax executive with the company, “for violating her employment agreement by defecting to online rival Amazon.” Walmart is “seeking to stop Wadlin from taking the Amazon position until May 2020 and bar her from handing over ‘sensitive business information obtained at Walmart’.”

It isn’t the first time Walmart has made such a move: “In August 1997, Amazon appointed former Walmart information systems vice president Richard Dalzell to the position of chief information officer. Walmart sued alleging the online retailer was targeting its tech workers to pick up secrets about its computer systems. The companies later settled.”

Wadlin and Amazon have not commented on the suit.
KC's View:
Yikes. I’ve argued for a long time that the pitched battle between Walmart and Amazon is only going to get bloodier, with more collateral damage, with every passing day. This is yet another example of intense things are going to get.