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Engadget has a story about counterfeit products sold on Amazon, which has no legal exposure and “tends to downplay the issue and shift the blame to third-party sellers.”

An excerpt:

“The Counterfeit Report (TCR), an advocacy group that works with brands to detect fake goods, has found around 58,000 counterfeit products on Amazon since May 2016. That's a small slice of the 560 million items on the site, but even a single counterfeit is probably too many for most customers. Craig Crosby, The Counterfeit Report's publisher and CEO, said that as Amazon's sales keeps increasing, so does the fake goods problem. All told, the group managed to have 35,000 items taken down, but TCR says that the total number of fakes on Amazon could be much higher than 58,000 since that only accounts for brands it represents.”

The story says that “while Amazon has made efforts to combat this issue, like requiring sellers to get permission from certain brands to list their products, there are still thousands of fakes clearly being sold on the site. That's the main reason the high-fashion industry refuses to work with Amazon.”

You can read the entire story here.
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