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Axios has a story about a new report from the World Economic Forum and Boston Consulting saying that “almost 1 million Americans will see their occupations vanish entirely by 2026, and will have to train for a wholesale career change or probably not find equally paid work.”

The study’s bottom line, according to the study: “In all, some 1.4 million Americans will lose their jobs to technological change in the next eight years, including 70 percent whose job type will just disappear. Without new skills, according to the report, 575,000 of them - 41% - will have either minuscule or no chance of finding other work. Women may be disproportionately affected.”
KC's View:
This is a problem, but also an opportunity and a responsibility … people have to start thinking right now about developing the new skills that will make them employable and even prosperous in this new world order. And, I think, the public and private sectors ought to be thinking about ways to team up in order to illuminate people about the importance of looking forward instead of backward, and seeing the future as a wellspring of possibilities as opposed to a dire threat to their ways of life.

By the way, women may be “ disproportionately affected,” but it is my impression these days that more than ever, women are being awakened to the ideas that they need to be ambitious in their goals, aggressive in their actions, and unwilling to accept the ways things always have been. Because they’ve been underestimated and/or marginalized for so long, they actually may be better equipped to rise up and meet these challenges.