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We had a story the other day about the shortage of truck drivers, which prompted one MNB reader to write:

From what I see in the retail end this is a real problem.  A new driver used to wait years to get a full time job at any of our regional supermarkets (New England).  The old time drivers have mostly retired; Since most of the driving is overnight, there are fewer applicants.
Now they are being hired right out of driving school, plenty of overtime, six figure pay checks are not uncommon.

Hence no money left for the front line, i.e. stores, especially check-out, and it's just getting worse.

Regarding the hacking problem affecting Amazon’s Alexa-powered systems, MNB reader Ron Rash wrote:

I utilize both Alexa and the Ring security systems.

I turned Alexa off, and found I do not miss it at all.

On my Ring settings I denied all access on my settings, but I still receive email messages telling me that my battery is low, etc. Not a biggie, but clearly one can not deny all access.

I believe Amazon has very little knowledge of how much their systems are, or can be, hacked.

On Friday, I posted a link to blog written my friend Karen Caplan, CEO of Frieda’s, the specialty produce company, in which she wrote about 9-year-old Madison Rude, who affected a change at her local bookstore:

“Madison told the story of when she and her dad, Steven, were at Barnes & Noble bookstore a few months ago. Passing by the magazine rack, she noticed more than 20 magazines promoting guns, photos of guns, guns sales, etc. She asked her dad why Barnes & Noble was selling gun-oriented magazines and displaying them at eye level where young children could see and pick them up. He didn’t have an answer.

“So they discussed it, and when they got home, Madison wrote a letter to the CEO of Barnes & Noble asking him to move the magazines. And then she waited. She never got a response. She actually called and emailed his office multiple times over the next few weeks, but never heard anything back.

“But when they went back to that very same Barnes & Noble several weeks later, Madison noticed that almost all of the gun-oriented magazines had been moved to another display area out of the sight of young children.”

Karen concluded: “These young people will speak up and fearlessly confront the most difficult issue with courage and conviction.

“Watch out world. They’re coming to change everything.”

One MNB reader responded:

From your mouth to God’s ears, sir.

Agreed. It won’t be painless, and they won’t always get things right. But it is going to happen, and you better start swimming or you’ll sink like a stone.
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