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The Associated Press reports that the Batali & Bastianich Hospitality Group (B&B) is closing down three Mario Batali restaurants in Las Vegas, a move that comes in the wake of new sexual misconduct allegations against the celebrity chef/author/retailer.

Carnevino Italian Steakhouse, B&B Ristorante and Otto Enoteca e Pizzeria at The Venetian and Palazzo resorts all are being shuttered because “Las Vegas Sands Corp., which owns both properties, was ending the business relationship.”
KC's View:
It was less than two years ago that Batali was on stage at the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) annual convention, participating in a conversation about food culture with FMI’s CEO, Leslie Sarasin. And now, he’s a pariah, his products being delisted by a number of retailers and his ownership of B&B being terminated. It remains to be seen whether he will end doing the kind of perp walk that Harvey Weinstein did last week - which I have to admit was enormously satisfying to watch, though only, I hope, a prelude to a conviction in a court of law that ends up with his sorry ass being sent to prison. (Apologies for the language here, but I find this guy to be disgusting.)

I just hope that every executive in a leadership position is watching all this and taking action within his or her own organization to deal with sexual harassment and sexual predators.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If you are any sort of leader in any sort of company, it is time for you to step up and say to everyone in your organization, there is no place here for this crap. If you are a victim, here’s my email address and phone number - please get in touch with me now and help me rid this organization of the creeps who are playing this game. I am on your side. And, if you are a predator, get ready to pack your bags ands clean out your office, because there is no room for you here … and I don’t care if you are the biggest superstar in the company. You’re going to be gone, and if we can do it, we’re going to make sure you are going to be prosecuted.