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CNet reports that Amazon has rolled out a new feature, Map Tracking, that allows shoppers to track packages with more specificity than in the past, providing “an estimate on when the package will arrive, how many stops away the driver is and a map showing the delivery truck's proximity to your home. “

The feature has been in test, and now is “available for all packages delivered by Amazon in the US.”

Recode reports that “this year, 19 percent of Amazon merchants brought in more than $1 million in sales, according to a new survey by Feedvisor, an e-commerce company that helps merchants price goods on Amazon and other online marketplaces. That’s up from 10 percent in 2017.

“Three percent made more than $10 million, up from 1 percent last year. That means more merchants are becoming high-volume sellers on Amazon.”

The Recode story notes that these third party merchants “supply Amazon with an almost limitless assortment of goods that make it the everything store — more than 100 million items in the U.S. are now eligible for two-day shipping under Amazon Prime. And more than half of all items sold on Amazon last quarter came from third-party businesses.”

• Albertsons-owned United, which operates stores in Texas and New Mexico, said yesterday that it is upgrading its e-commerce platform with “two new digital advertising solutions support enhanced merchandising and collaboration with CPG brands for United.”

The upgrades are power by MyWebGrocer.

Full disclosure: MyWebGrocer is a longtime and valued MNB sponsor.

According to the United announcement, “ The first is MWG’s new Sponsored Listings solution that enables CPGs to invest with grocers to increase native product placement and sales. In addition, new Category Header ads have been introduced to the shopping experience to better enable CPG brands to reach and influence United Supermarkets shoppers on their path-to-purchase.

“The platform upgrade also includes enhancements to the Mobile Personal Shopper (MPS) application, part of MWG’s solution for pick and packing of eCommerce orders. MPS is a proprietary mobile application that guides grocers’ personal shoppers through the store aisles for easy and accurate fulfillment of customer orders. New MPS features include enhanced personal shopper metric reporting to drive greater picking quality, efficiency and overall eCommerce profitability.”
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