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Yesterday, MNB took note of a Seattle Times report that the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) has written to Amazon CEO/founder Jeff Bezos, asking him to end the sale of facial recognition software to various government entities, saying that the software represents “a troubling extension of the government’s ability to keep an eye on its citizens.”

MNB reader John Rosenblum responded:

So I may be wrong but earlier this month I went on vacation to Aruba and it was the first time in more than 10 years that I traveled outside the country and needed a new passport. Although I vaguely remember the last vacation abroad 10 years ago this one this month Paid very close attention to the screening process in Aruba in what I heard about the screening process at the airport with potentially a 3 hour time to get to the gate.

So my point, when I got to the US Customs counter and the US Agent said look into this (a little hand held camera thingy). Tell me was this not using facial recognition and was it not checking my credentials ? Would all these people be against using facial recognition and NEVER travel abroad on vacation if they felt they were violated in order to get back home to the US ? I may be a bit off here but seems relevant to the topic.

From another reader:

The slope just got a little steeper and a little slippery-er.

And another:

How did you miss the tie in to the show “Person of Interest” in this?  Facial recognition played a huge part in that show – used by the good and the bad guys

Worth binge watching if you never got into it, one of my favorites.

You get extra credit for the pop culture reference, but I must admit that I never watched the show. I sort of have a Jim Caviezel problem … he’s an okay actor, but since he starred in the execrable remake of “The Prisoner” I find him hard to look at and listen to. It just brings up a bad memory. Sorry about that.
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