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by Kevin Coupe

It is just one measurement of value, and not necessarily the most important one.

But here’s a story that grabbed my attention yesterday.

According to Variety, “Netflix surpassed Comcast in market value Wednesday, thanks to a new record high for the video streaming company’s stock price. Netflix’s market cap also came within arm’s-length of Disney, with both companies separated by just a few hundred million dollars.”

Netflix ended yesterday with a market cap of $152.8 billion, compared to Comcast’s $147.15 billion.

Now, this could change, based on the vagaries of the stock market. But it is notable, especially one considers that Netflix is a business that has been built on both a disruptive attitude and disruptive technologies, while Comcast has its roots in a more traditional media construct.

That’s worth considering, no matter what business you are in, and no matter how comfortable or unassailable you may feel.

There is no such thing as the unassailable business model. Just ask the company not mentioned in the Variety story:


That’s the Eye-Opener.
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