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The Seattle Times reports that as Seattle residents push for a referendum on the city’s controversial new “head tax” - which imposes a $275 fee per Seattle employee per year for companies that gross at least $20 million annually in the city - a number of retailers are contributing to the campaign that is gathering signatures.

Among the retailers cutting $25,000 checks - Amazon, Starbucks, Kroger, and Albertsons. Vulcan, the real estate company owned by Paul Allen, also is writing a $25,000 check.

According to the Times, “Other well-known Seattle companies on the pledge list include Dick’s Drive-In and supermarket Uwajimaya.”

The City Council originally was considering a $500 per head tax, but cut back on it when Amazon threatened to pull some of its operations out of the city.

The tax revenue is aimed at addressing the city’s homeless problem, which has been getting worse in recent years even as the economy has boomed and home prices have skyrocketed.
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