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The Wall Street Journal reports that “in a move toward greater transparency, Procter & Gamble Co. is now disclosing the ingredients in most of its 3,500-plus consumer products on SmartLabel, a website where brands provide more detailed information about their products.

“To access the expanded ingredient list, shoppers can use a smartphone to scan a product’s QR code (a coded square on packages that, when scanned, brings smartphone users to a link) or go to the SmartLabel site and look up the product by name.”

The move comes as “big brands try to change the perception that their products contain harsh, unsafe or simply too many chemicals. It also comes as competition from smaller firms claiming to use only natural ingredients grows.”
KC's View:

I’ve been talking about this use of technology for years, on the grounds that transparency is always the best policy. Now it is being adopted for other reasons - a way of combatting distrust of big companies. But I don’t care. This is a smart idea that more companies need to adopt - providing transparency about ingredients, sustainability, traceability, country-of-origin, etc…