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Nosh reports that meat kit company Chef’d has announced a partnership with vending company Byte Foods that will bring the meal kits to 100 locations in San Francisco and Sacramento.

The story says that “Byte Foods has developed patented smart refrigerators to sell fresh food via unattended storefronts embedded within workplaces, hospitals, and apartments. Byte’s smart fridges are stocked with an array of high quality, fresh foods—salads, sandwiches, snacks, drinks, and now meal kits. Customers purchase food with their credit card directly from the fridge, 24/7, and Byte’s technology automatically knows what was purchased and charges the customer.”

Chef’d CEO Kyle Ransford says that “by partnering with Byte Foods, we are able to bring our meal kits to a new channel, beyond our current direct to consumer and traditional retail distribution and provide an innovative solution for grabbing dinner just before you leave work.”
KC's View:
I love this idea … I have to wonder if this is one way that bricks-and-mortar stores could gain new relevance with consumers, by creating front-of-store meal kit vending units.

BTW…Amazon, which knows something about the vending/locker business, could do the same thing.