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Fox Business has a story about how fresh food market chain Stew Leonard’s “is giving employees a bonus to shop around for health care … With health care costs for businesses and individuals on the rise, Leonard decided to start a health and wellness program to educate employees on lifestyle choices, making better financial decisions associated with healthcare providers and the importance of preventative care.”

“People we found didn’t know what health care costs,” says Leonard. “For instance if you have to go get a colonoscopy -- $2,800 you would have to pay -- most people don’t even know how much it costs. You can go get the same thing by sometimes the same doctors for $1,500.”

Leonard says that while annual increases in health care costs have been about seven percent over the past few years, at Stew Leonard’s the cost increases have been about one percent a year.

• The New York Business Journal reports that chef-restaurateur-retailer Mario Batali is in the process of being bought out of B&B Hospitality Group, which is a part-owner of Eataly stores here in the US, as more sexual misconduct allegations come to light.

Batali stepped down from any active role in the company when harassment allegations became public last year; his cookbooks and food products were immediately purged from Eataly’s shelves. But now, with new allegations being reported on “60 Minutes” and investigated by the New York Police Department, B&B - in which he has been a partner with Joe Bastianich - is severing ties completely.

Batali has denied the new charges of drugging and sexual assault.

The restaurant where Batali reportedly committed these acts is called the Spotted Pig. Which seems about half-right.
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