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Shane Sampson, Albertsons’ chief marketing and merchandising officer, told analysts last week that the retailer is exploring the use of checkout-free technology in its stores, which would serve as a de-facto response to the Amazon Go store.

However, the technology is not envisioned as being store-wide, but rather being focused on the company’s Plated meal kits and perhaps other convenience-oriented products and prepared foods.

A pilot has not yet been begun.
KC's View:
I’m sure that most big companies are exploring checkout-free technologies, and many of them probably were even before the opening of Amazon Go. This makes a ton of sense.

I also think that the idea of creating checkout-free sections within stores also makes sense … it is a good place to start when experimenting with a technological advance that, as I’ve said before, will end up being as important as scanning.

The bet here is that Amazon may well do the same thing - creating Amazon Go stores in a number of Whole Foods units.