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The Street has a story about how a recent presentation that Sears chairman/CEO Eddie Lampert gave to analysts and investors failed to impress, with people saying that Lampert’s claim that he is "fighting like hell" to transform the company is “too little, too late.” One analyst tells The Street that Sear’s financials suggest that “this isn't really a business that is worth saving.”

At one point, the story says, Lampert said that Sears “outpaces” Walmart and Target because “it has used internal ‘incubation’ to drive growth, rather than making acquisitions.”

There are, The Street says, several problem with such a claim.

One is that there is virtually no growth at Sears not related to the recent business tax cut.

Another is that Sears has no money no acquire anything, so the statement is spurious.

“Lampert may want to find a different comparison for next year's annual meeting,” the story suggests, “if there is one.”
KC's View:
That’s a big “if.” Lampert is mostly blowing smoke … I’m just surprised he didn’t suggest that Sears actually is a better business than Amazon.