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The novels of Michael Connelly, best known as the creator of LAPD detective Harry Bosch, continue to get what I think is an almost miraculously fine treatment in their conversion to a TV series, the fourth season of which is now streaming on Amazon Video.

There are multiple factors at work here. Fist and foremost, the producers have pulled together a cadre of writers and directors who absolutely get the material - together, they create as kind of modern California noir, in which the streets of LA populated by people of questionable moral and ethical character, giving the words and pictures context and poetry.

At the center of the fulcrum is Harry Bosch, a longtime police detective played with grit and existential pain by the great Titus Welliver; in his eyes, one can see the attitude that Bosch brings to every facet of his work, as described by Connelly: “Everybody counts, or nobody counts.”

That means that Bosch works top clear cases without regard for politics, unwilling to shade the truth for any reason. He’s after justice, “neither tarnished nor afraid,” in the words of Raymond Chandler. In this new season, Bosch finds himself running a task force looking into the murder of a celebrated lawyer who was bringing a case against the LAPD, accusing officers of racist behavior. This doesn’t make him popular with anyone, but he’s perfect for the job, because worrying about popularity isn’t in his DNA, and so he goes, navigating LA’s mean streets and ethical canyons, seeking justice.

As in every one of the seasons of “Bosch,” the casting is first-rate, and the result is an absolutely wonderful series that manages to capture the tone of Connelly’s novels - like I said, it is almost miraculous.

I have several wines to recommend to you this week.

First up, the 10215 Orison Wines Pipa Red from Portugal, a blend that is part Touriga Nacional, part Tinta Miuda, part Alicante Bouschet, and part Aragonez - and all delicious. I had it with one of my favorite dishes - a lamb burger topped with feta cheese and harissa. Spectacular.

I also recommend the 2015 Grapesmith & Crusher Pinot Noir from Oregon’s Willamette Valley, which is versatile enough that Mrs. Content Guy and I shared a bottle while she was having lamb chops and I was eating spicy tuna tacos.

It was heaven.

And, finally…I had a chance to go to one of my favorite place sin the world, Etta’s, in Seattle this week, and when I went to the bar Morgan poured me something special - the 2016 Andrew Will Cabernet Sauvignon, from Washington’s Columbia Valley. It was extraordinary - not as heavy as many cabs, and perfect, amazingly, with the tuna sashimi I was eating. Go figure. Morgan does it again.

That’s it for this week. Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you Monday.

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