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Fast Company reports that Walmart plans to begin selling Harry’s razors in all of its US stores - a move that it hopes will appeal to millennials who see the disruptive shaving products company as being relevant to their lives.

According to the story, “For Walmart, selling Harry’s - a hip, digitally native millennial razor brand - fits with a larger pattern … Walmart appears to be interested in winning over the next generation of consumers by offering products and brands that they like. It is also leveraging its status as the biggest brick-and-mortar retailer in America to allow digital brands to dramatically expand their presence across the country.”

Harry’s co-founders, Andy Katz-Mayfield and Jeffrey Raider, tell the magazine that “the goal of this expansion is to be where Harry’s customers are and since 90% of the U.S. population lives within 10 miles of Walmart, this gives Harry’s a shot at becoming a household name.”
KC's View:
What really fascinates me about this is the fact that it always has struck me that companies like Gillette and Schick - which have been significantly disrupted by companies like Harry’s - have been longtime vendors to Walmart, which now feels the need to embrace their common enemy.

Lots of moving pieces to this … and I wonder if we’ll be seeing a lot of similar developments in other categories.