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USA Today reports that Perdue Farms is challenging a recommendation from the advertising business’s self-regulating National Advertising Division that it “modify or discontinue” commercials it is using for organic chicken; Perdue says it will appeal the decision to the National Advertising Review Board.

According to the story, “At issue is whether the ads' claims apply to the way Perdue raises all of its chickens or solely those bearing its Harvestland Organic label.” The ad authorities seem to feel that the commercials suggest that all of Perdue’s chickens have features that include  "free range," "organic," "non-GMO," "100 percent vegetarian fed," and "no antibiotics ever,” while in fact it is only Perdue’s Harvestland Organic brand that has these attributes.
KC's View:
I’ve watched the commercials, and I think the ad folks are off-base on this one … and keep in mind, I’m a stickler about transparency and accuracy. I think they are funny, cleverly written, and are specifically about a new generation of chickens, using the new generation of company leadership (Jim Perdue’s sons Ryan and Chris appear in the ads along with their dad, and the whole concept is about a changing of the guard).

There never was any doubt in my mind that the ads were about the Harvestland Organic brand.