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The Los Angeles Times reports that one death has now been traced to the consumption of E. coli tainted romaine lettuce.

The death, in California, of an as-yet unnamed person, is in addition to what now is said to be an outbreak that has sickened 121 people in 25 states.

The Times writes that “health officials say the contamination so far has been traced to romaine lettuce grown in the area around Yuma, Ariz. — part of the growing region that produces 90% of the nation's winter lettuce, and which has largely stopped growing the winter crop.

“Last week, the CDC said whole head romaine lettuce from Harrison Farms near Yuma has been linked to eight cases among prisoners in a Nome, Ala., detention facility. At least a dozen other locations are under scrutiny for possible links to the remaining cases, according to the Food and Drug Administration.”

The outbreak is said to be the worst of its kind since 2006, and health officials are saying that nobody should eat romaine lettuce unless it can be proven it is not from the Yuma, Arizona, region.
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