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Albertsons announced yesterday that it plans to more than double its private label products this year, increasing it by almost 1,400 SKUs.

The move, the company says, “demonstrates the company’s confidence in developing exclusive products across all categories. Own Brands is Albertsons Companies’ portfolio of exclusive and trusted private label brands, including O Organics, Lucerne, Open Nature, and the extensive Signature line.”

The new products introductions, the company says “is occurring across the entirety of the company’s … portfolio.”

“We’ve got a lot in the pipeline—and we’re just getting started,” says Geoff White, President of Albertsons Companies Own Brands.
KC's View:
I continue to believe that the companies that are going to succeed in this environment will be the ones that focus on where they are different, not where they are similar. This would appear to be where Albertsons is going in this case.