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Tech Crunch reports that Amazon is launching a new book club for kids, Prime Book Box, that will, for $22.99 a box, send age-appropriate groups of books to children.

That’s physical books, not e-books. (Amazon already has a “reading service called Prime Reading,” the story notes, “but it is focused around Kindle e-books, along with selected digital magazines and travel guides.”)

In its description of the soon-to-launch service, Amazon says that “these books include classics that have stood the test of time as well as hidden gems that our Editors couldn’t put down—stories that your reader can enjoy again and again. We will also use your recent purchase history to avoid including a book you have already purchased on Amazon.”

Tech Crunch writes that “the idea of bringing out a physical book service specifically for children is notable. Parents are more likely to buy (and get gifted) physical picture books and young adult novels rather than e-books as presents, and so kids often build up libraries of these. It also could be a helpful fillip to those of us out there who are trying to figure out engaging ways of reducing screen time for offspring … It’s also a clever way of introducing younger people to using Amazon, and also for Amazon to start developing reading profiles for others in your household besides you the Amazon account holder.”
KC's View:
Sure, this is self-serving - it gets more people used to getting product from Amazon and using subscription services.

But I still like the idea, and think that I might gets Mrs. Content Guy’s third-grade classroom a subscription, just for the fun of it. It would be a great thing for schools to encourage parents to do … even if it does help Amazon.