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The Dallas Morning News has a story about Aldi’s continuing efforts to upgrade its US fleet, reporting that its “aggressive nationwide remodeling plans will soon reach a halfway point in Dallas-Fort Worth, where it operates 54 discount grocery stores … The North Texas expansions are part of the grocer's $1.6 billion plan to remodel 1,300 stores nationwide.”

Aldi, the story says, “has finished upgrades to 17 stores and will start work on another batch of makeovers.” Aldi is spending $66 million just in the Dallas-Fort Worth market, according to the piece.
KC's View:
This story should be seen within the context of what’s happening in the UK right now - Aldi and Lidl have combined to erode the market shares of the top four grocers to the point where one of them, Walmart-owned Asda, may be sold to another, Sainsbury. (Walmart would retain 42 percent of ownership.) Now, Amazon has been part of this equation, too, but the attacks by discounters Aldi and Lidl have been a major factor.

Lidl is hitting the pause button on many of its US plans, but it will get aggressive again. And Aldi is hitting the gas on its US intentions. A semblance of what’s happening in the UK could be seen in the US, and retailers need to be prepared.