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WinCo Foods is announcing this morning that Grant Haag, currently the retailer’s Senior Vice President of Department Operations, has been named the new President of the company.

Haag, a 34-year WinCo veteran, will serve as President for the next year, before taking over as CEO when current CEO Steven Goddard officially steps down.

“We firmly believe that Grant is the right choice to lead the Company into the future,” Goddard says, in a prepared statement.

In its announcement, the company says that “the naming of Haag to the post is the culmination of an intensive two-year process … to identify the right person. The three final candidates for the position were thoroughly vetted and each worked incredibly hard, under close scrutiny from the WinCo Board, to make sure that the best-suited individual was selected.”
KC's View:
I’m an enormous fan of WinCo, especially because of what has been its ability to maintain a laser-like focus on its strategy and customers, and the power of its employee-ownership to communicate and deliver a highly specific value to shoppers.

Haag will be taking over for Goddard at a time of enormous challenges and existential threats to the traditional food retailing business. But he’ll do so with a pretty powerful engine at his command, and so I have a lot of confidence that WinCo will continue to be one of the industry’s winners.