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TechCrunch reports that Amazon, having made a “slew of acquisitions” in the home security space, now is bringing them together with a series of product offerings that also will offer consultations and installations.

Called “Smart Home Services,” the suite of products now is being offered to Amazon customers in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, North Carolina, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, Washington D.C. and Florida.

According to the story, “The packages are being sold in five price tiers, at a flat fee — no monthly service contracts, a significant disruption of how many home security services are sold today.

“The least expensive, $240 for Outdoor Base, gives you an Echo Dot plus indoor and outdoor lighting designed ‘to make it look like you’re home.’ The most expensive tier, $840 for Smartest, includes an alarm siren, motion sensors, safety sensors, a camera, and Echo Dot, the lighting and a video doorbell — potentially rolling in previous security launches from the company like Amazon Key and Cloud Cam. All include two visits from Amazon employees to consult you and help with the installation.”
KC's View:

Much as a lot of this sort of appeals to me, I have to admit to a gnawing concern that maybe, just maybe, we’re giving Amazon just a little bit too much access to our lives. We’re creating smart homes, but are we being smart people?

But … I love the idea of a smart home, and know that I am the kind of person who would need and want both consultation and installation services. And so, I am conflicted…

And I wonder how often anyone says at Amazon meetings, “How far is too far?” Or, “Is this the initiative that extends the ecosystem to the degree that maybe people will start to wonder about how pervasive we are?”

I’m just curious.