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Loved this email from an MNB reader, responding to yesterday’s FaceTime about how Dorothy Lane Markets turns its checkouts into a positive part of an already compelling shopping experience:

My wife and I went to Best Buy last night to purchase a power converter for international travel. It’s the first time either of us had been in a Best Buy in years. The good news was they had what we needed. The bad news was there was no one at any of the checkouts. The security guy at the front ostensibly radioed for someone to come to the front, but no one came for at least 5 minutes, and only after a second radio request. During that time we noted how bizarre Best Buy’s assortment had become: Soda Stream supplies and marked down K-cups littered the front of the store. If we didn’t absolutely need the item for our trip, I would’ve left the store without buying anything.
You may talk about Amazon a lot, but for good reason. They’re continually looking to reduce friction in the shopping experience. Evidently you need to keep talking, because retailers aren’t hearing the message.

I’m trying.
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