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• Starbucks reported Q2 profit of $660.1 million, up from $652.8 million in the year-ago period; revenue jumped 14% to $6.03 billion for the quarter, on same-store sales that were up two percent.

CNN reports on the new soft drink war taking place between Coke and Pepsi, redolent of the cola wars of the 1980s but now involving weapons that include flavored colas, juices, waters, and sports drinks. Both companies have increased their ad and promotions budgets, as well as increasing their digital budgets. “The Coke vs. Pepsi war is definitely back on. But it's now playing out on Google, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram as well as TV.”

I must admit to having developed a certain fondness for Blood Orange Diet Coke … which I think is really, really good. It reminds me of the orange-flavored Diet Cokes I get from Coke Freestyle machines, and that’s a good thing.
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