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by Kevin Coupe

Axios reports on a new survey saying that millennials, “beset by big college loans, inheriting two wars, and facing an uncertain future of work, blame Baby Boomers for making things worse for them.

And, go figure, a lot of Baby Boomers agree.

According to Axios, “The poll found that 51% of millennials (18- to 34-year-olds) blame boomers (51- to 69-year-olds) for making things worse for their generation. Just 13% said boomers had improved things. Generation X wasn't pleased with the boomers, either.
Boomers were split on the issue: 30% said policies created by their generation had made things worse, 32% said they had made things better, and 34% that they had done neither.”

Anecdotally, millennials had a variety of suggestions for how to make things better, including:

• ”Remove all old government officials and term limits for the House and Congress.”

• ”Impeach Trump.”

• “Vote.”

One respondent said that people should "sleep more because you will be less sensitive to negative emotions.”

This isn’t just a nice-to-know survey, Axios writes: “If it persists, the generational divide could turn into political rivalry as the generations compete for limited tax dollars - millennials seeking government help as automation takes hold, and boomers insisting on promised levels of Social Security and Medicare.”

In other words, another generation gap that could persist for decades and result in unhealthy, unproductive recriminations.

It’s an Eye-Opener.
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