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Eater writes that McDonald’s today is opening a ground-floor restaurant at its new headquarters on Chicago’s trendy Randolph Street that will “serve a rotating menu of special items found at the chain’s restaurants in other countries. That includes cheese- and bacon-loaded fries from Australia, a McSpicy chicken sandwich from Hong Kong, and a McFlurry Prestigio from Brazil. It’ll also have full-time baristas preparing specialty espresso drinks, including flat whites. That’s a page out of McDonald’s restaurants in Australia.”

Also on the menu - US favorites such as Big Macs, Chicken McNuggets, and Happy Meals.

The goal, says company spokesman Robert Gibbs, is to show “everything we have done to modernize the brand over the past several years,” and to highlight how fast food has evolved in that time.
KC's View:
I’m going to say something I can’t remember saying for a long time.

I kind of want to go to this McDonald’s.