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by Michael Sansolo


Remember when that silly phrase that started with a beer commercial became broadly enough used to become cliché? There was a time when media and messaging were simpler and a single ad could become an Eye-Opener.

Apparently it still is the case.

The Washington Post recently profiled a television ad that even in today’s diffuse media market has managed to do the same. Not surprisingly it’s from the same folks who came up with ‘sup. Now it’s “Dilly, Dilly.”

As a sports fan, I kept seeing Bud Light ads featuring the phrase and I simply assumed that I was just too old to understand what was going on.

Good news: I wasn’t!

“Dilly, Dilly” was a silly, silly line created for a single Bud Light ad and it just took off. The creator of the ad said he knew it was something special when he heard the phrase used by Ben Roethlisberger, the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, in a game. More recently, the phrase got more attention when it was reported that spectators at the Master’s golf tournament would be forbidden from yelling the phrase.

Andy Goeler, Bud Light’s vice president of marketing, tells the Post, “Consumers are inundated with so many outlets, so many ways to get content. It’s really hard to break through with a product message. It’s always your main strategy to think, ‘How do we break through the clutter to at least get them to watch us?’ And then, if they watch us, ‘Is it an important enough message to them where they say, ‘I’ll try that,’ or ‘I believe that?’’ And then, we get to the level we’re at where they adopt it, so they’re walking around and using it as part of their own vernacular or wearing it on their own T-shirts.”

So much for the end of mass media. Apparently, there is life left in it yet.

Can we get T-shirts that say “Eye Opener”?
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