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Tech Crunch reports that Walmart has begun testing “new technology that arms store staff with mobile devices for checking out customers from the floor.” To start with, 350 stores will use the new service - dubbed “Check Out With Me” by Walmart - in their lawn & garden centers, where the retailer believes “there’s the most need for a mobile checkout experience like this” as customers buy things like enormous bags of mulch and seed.

According to Tech Crunch, “This isn’t the first time Walmart has used mobile technology to speed up checkouts. The company also offers Walmart Pay for in-store checkout, which involves scanning a barcode on customers’ phones to pay at the register. And its Sam’s Club warehouse club offers Scan & Go, which lets customers skip the checkout line by scanning items as they shop, then showing their e-receipt at the door on their way out.

“Upgrades that make checkout quicker are especially important to retailers today in light of increased competition from Amazon, which has now established a physical presence through Whole Foods, its own bookstores and its new Amazon Go stores.”
KC's View:
I expect that this will be one of many efforts by lot of retailers to address the pain point of the checkout experience. Some will depend on technology, and some will depend on engaged, friendly and knowledgeable personnel to elevate the moment. But I think almost every retailer should be trying to do something.