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US News & World Report has a story about how “home spending is on the rise, according to the latest survey data from Bank of America. A maturing millennial generation is one of the primary drivers of the surge in spending, and analysts say Walmart … will be a big winner.”

Here’s what the report says:

“An uptick in household spending will provide a boost to all retailers in the home improvement, appliance, furniture and household goods markets. However, when it comes to household goods, Walmart is the market leader. When asked where they purchase the majority of their household items, Walmart was by far the most popular response among survey respondents of all age groups. Even among millennials age 22 to 30, 36 percent of respondents prefer Walmart for household shopping compared to 19 percent for Amazon and 14 percent for Target Corp.

“For older millennials, Walmart’s lead is even larger with 37 percent market share compared to 17 percent for Amazon and 14 percent for Target.”
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