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National Public Radio’s The Salt has a story about a study of food waste conducted by The Center for Biological Diversity and The "Ugly" Fruit and Veg Campaign, which asked “the 10 largest US supermarkets how they handle food waste, and gave each store's efforts a letter grade … Letter grades took three overarching categories into account: how much public information a store shared about food waste, what it was doing to prevent food waste, and where its discarded food went.”

Not one company got an A.

According to the story, “Walmart ranked highest with a B. Kroger, Albertsons and Ahold Delhaize, the parent company that owns Food Lion and Stop & Shop, all got Cs. Costco, Publix, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's and Target all got Ds, and the German-based discount grocer ALDI got an F.”

You can check out the entire story, and find out more and best - or at least better - practices here.
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