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The Wall Street Journal reports that Walmart “wants its website to look less like a Walmart store,” and plans “to redesign the site next month by decluttering the product listings, de-emphasizing the Walmart name and using a lot less bright blue. Executives say the goal is to make a site that appeals to higher-end brands and encourages shoppers to browse for products.”

Rather than the traditional Walmart logo, the story says, “the new home page will highlight only a small yellow ‘spark,’ the internal name for Walmart’s star logo. Instead of seeing a hodgepodge of products, shoppers will more often see which products are selling best in their city or past purchases that can be reordered quickly, shown with high-quality photos of people using products.”

Marc Lore, chief executive of Walmart U.S. e-commerce, tells the Journal that the redesign “is meant to be cleaner and more modern and more appealing such that we are able to open up more relationships with brands … It allows us to broaden the assortment we are able to offer.”
KC's View:
I think it makes a lot of sense for Walmart to find ways to differentiate its site so that it isn’t just a direct reflection of its bricks-and-mortar stores, but rather uses the advantages of online to be more relevant to shoppers. I’m not sure how the non-core brand representations will work out - could they alienate core shoppers? But I admire the fact that Walmart seems willing to push the envelope more than ever before.