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Regarding a new hiring binge on which Kroger is embarking, one MNB reader wrote:

This is an initiative Shaw's/Albertsons could definitely use, given the lack of available associates in our stores.

In response to our story about how Lucky’s Market - a place where you can drink beer as you shop - is expanding, one MNB reader wrote:

I was very interested in Lucky’s when one opened in Jacksonville before I relocated back to the Northeast, but I was let down. It was great to drink while shopping, but their prices weren’t competitive enough to justify a beer while I spend more money. Maybe if it was a glitter beer they’d have me…

And finally, on another subject from MNB reader Janis Raye:

I decided to finally break down and get an Echo Dot to see what all the fuss was about (I got it for free when I did a new subscription to Audible). Mostly, it was because of your raving about how much you use Alexa. I read the results of the survey of usage, and I’d like to report that I’m like 15% of the respondents: the best thing Alexa does for me at this point is to set a timer while I have my hands dirty preparing food. I put it in the kitchen, and the first thing I asked it to do (“Alexa, do the dishes”), she was incapable of helping me with. I’ve also found that it doesn’t really look up stuff on the Internet as well as Siri does, usually. I’m much more fond of my Roomba than I am of Alexa, if I have to show my allegiances to my appliances. But I agree with you that the hands-free aspect is, while lazy, appealing!

Well, if you’re going to use “Alexa, do the dishes” as a benchmark for responsiveness, you may be doomed to disappointment … for at least another few months, until Amazon comes up with a solution to that particular problem.
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