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The Wall Street Journal has a story about how movie theater owners - dealing with the fact that “theater attendance last year fell to its lowest level since 1995, a crisis propelled by the rise of streaming,” which by definition does not require people to go to a movie theater - are trying to improve the experience.

“Today, exhibitors are tearing out seats and replacing them with luxury recliners—fitting fewer overall seats, but creating steadier revenue at higher prices,” the Journal writes. “They’re adding high-end drinks and dining options, and sophisticated sound and screens that no home theater could replicate. Special attractions such as virtual-reality sections and child-friendly play areas are extras to entice people to leave their living rooms.”

In other words, they;’re doing exactly what MNB urges retailers to do when competing with Amazon - offer something that Amazon cannot or will not.

Good piece, with lots of lessons … and you can read it here.
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