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Business Insider reports that Walmart has decided to start selling Soylent - described as “Silicon Valley's favorite ‘open source’ meal replacement … encouraging people to tinker with its recipe” - in 450 of its locations around the country.

According to the story, “The deal follows Soylent's debut in more than 2,500 7-Eleven locations. Before the 2017 7-Eleven deal, Soylent was solely available online, on, and on the brand's website.” It is a move that reflects “a push towards the mainstream for a brand that originally positioned itself as a tech startup.”
KC's View:
I don’t usually devote space and time to brands that manage to get carried by one brand or another, but on this one I cannot help myself. I get the Silicon Valley appeal, but I still think that “Soylent” is one of the dumbest name for a food product ever, and I’m guessing that most people familiar with a movie called “Soylent Green” would agree with me. If you don’t understand, just rent the flick.