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by Kevin Coupe

Media Post reports on a new survey by Kantar’s Lightspeed concluding that 34 percent of Americans and 31 percent of Brits own a smart speaker - Amazon’s Alexa-powered system is the dominant player - with almost as many people again saying they plan to buy a smart speaker this year.

“People who have smart speakers use them,” the story says. “Almost three-quarters (72%) of consumers use their smart speaker at least once a day with 46% of those using them multiple times a day.”

The survey also looks at what people are using their smart speakers for:

19% - Play music, podcasts, audio books
15% - Set a timer or reminder
15% - Learn the weather outdoors
15% - Look up information online
8% - Add appointments to calendar
7% - Call someone
7% - Purchase items online
6% - Tell jokes
4% - Order food
2% - Take market research surveys
2% - Order a car service

So, only 11 percent of smart speaker usage is for buying stuff … but one has to assume that this will change and grow as time goes on and people get more comfortable with the technology. One has to think of all the other stuff that is more popular right now as gateway drugs … you play a song, you get the weather, you use the timer, and suddenly you’re ordering a pizza or placing an order at Starbucks or replenishing something you’ve bought on Amazon.

That’s how it goes. It is an Eye-Opener.
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